We offer a host of services including:

  • Car Transport
  • General Haulage
  • Curtain Sided Distribution
  • Plant and Machinery movements.

Our fleet consists of:

  • Car Transporters - these can carry up to 9 cars at a time (depending on size)
  • Flat bed trailers - these are used for general haulage
  • Curtain Side Trailers - these are used for transportation of items that need to be covered.
  • Low loaders - these are used in the transportation of larger vehicles.

Car Transport

When transporting a car, you have 3 main options:

  1. The car is driven to its destination

  2. If the vehicle is not excessively damaged, having the car driven to its destination, by a driver or yourself (on trade plates or if road legal) can appear to be the cheapest option. If considering this option you should ensure to include the cost for travelling to the destination, fuel costs and the cost of the driver. These add up and you may find for a little extra cost your vehicle can be transported by us hassle free and at a time convenient to yourself.

    Other disadvantages are that it is more likely to be damaged en route, as is actually being driven on the road. Secondly, it will increase the mileage of the car, which may be significant for longer trips. Also there are other possible costs if the vehicle were to breakdown.

  3. The car is transported on a single car trailer

  4. Having the car delivered on a single car trailer is the most expensive option, as the cost is not split with other customers. However, this is the suitable option for urgent deliveries, or if your vehicle is irreplaceable or particularly valuable, as single car trailers will be more likely to deliver to your door. If you require a quote please contact us.

  5. The car is transported on a multi-car trailer

  6. Using a multi-car trailer is the cheapest option, as the cost can be divided between many customers. However, door to door delivery will be unlikely with this method due to access restrictions, therefore vehicles will be delivered as close as possible within these restrictions. Transport from this location will be the responsibility of the customer. However we will endeavour to make moving your vehicle as hassle free and convenient as possible.

    All vehicles are braced and tied down ensuring absliute security during transportation. To get a quote for transportation, please click on the contact us tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 07718160015.